Argus Zone Control Unit Protection

Automotive zone control unit
cyber security

Argus Zone Control Unit Protection is a key element in UNR 155 regulatory compliance, adding intrusion detection and firewall protection to zone controllers.


Argus is the world leader in automotive cyber security, with proven technology for end-to-end zonal protection

Full cyber protection

Protects both the zone controller itself and its connected networks

Meets Industry standards

High security posture leveraging industry standards such as the AUTOSAR firewall specifications

Regulatory compliance

Comply with UNR 155 and other automotive cyber security regulation and industry standards

Proven automotive-grade solution

ASPICE certified, and already in use in production projects in many different global brands and models

Automatic configuration and validation

Argus has made integration cheaper, simpler, and repeatable.

Argus Zone Control Unit Protection elements

Automatic Rule Generation

Save time with cyber inspection rules generated based on vehicle system description

Deep Packet Inspection

Automotive application protocols inspection

Stateful Inspection

Track stateful protocols’ connections and alert on or discard state violations

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Monitor CAN network traffic, detect anomalies and the signs of a threat, and prevent major risks including denial-of-service and brute-force attacks.

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Add advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention to Posix-based ECUs to reduce the risk of software-defined vehicles and drive compliance.


Vehicle Vulnerability Management

Meet regulations and standards like UN R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 with lifecycle vulnerability management that reduces financial, safety, and privacy risk.



Leverage expertise that’s already protecting millions of vehicles with a Vehicle Security Operations Center that combines technology, processes, playbooks, and knowledge.

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Ethernet IDPS

Protect in-vehicle networks with comprehensive network monitoring, threat detection, and attack prevention as an ECU library or pre-integrated into switch firmware.

Argus vDome

Argus vDome is a patented AI-powered product for fleet operators, insurance companies and OEMs that protects vehicles and critical systems from CAN injection attacks, preventing keyless entry and CAN injection car theft.

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