Argus Quality Policy

Argus was established to provide high-quality automotive cyber security solutions and services to the automotive industry.

Quality is essential to our business because we value our customers and believe that high quality is a necessity when gaining their trust. To this end, we strive to provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations.

In an effort to enable continuous improvement, we have established a Quality Management System to provide a framework for the following:

  • Internal process management, using predefined procedures and checklists for each stage in the product life cycle.
  • Product Quality Assessment using predefined KPIs.
  • Ongoing improvement enablement through the ongoing monitoring of performance and identification of opportunities for improvement and a lessons learned process.

To ensure that we nurture a company culture that complies with our quality requirements, we develop quality awareness at all levels of our organization and encourage a management attitude that anticipates potential quality issues. In addition, we empower our employees with the necessary competencies and tools to consistently fulfill policies, principles, and standards that comply with our quality demands. We also encourage our suppliers to align with our requirements and comply with our quality management system.

Reuven Eliyahu, VP Projects and Quality

February 5th, 2019