Argus Fraud Detection

Automatic fraud detection for connected car security

Argus Fraud Detection identifies fraudulent activity in software-defined vehicles to minimize financial and reputational damages to manufacturers and their suppliers.

SDV cyber security / fraud protection
Why Argus Fraud Detection?

Reduce the risk of fraud in software-defined vehicles

automotive cyber security compliance

Minimize financial and reputational damage

By shortening time to detection of fraudulent activity indicators within software-defined, connected vehicles.

Achieve automotive cyber security certification

Uncover hidden scams in connected cars

Through the combination of use case engineering and machine learning techniques, powered by Argus’ SDV cyber security expertise.

automotive security compliance readiness

Real-time view of the fleet’s fraud posture

Continuous data monitoring and analysis present a real-time view of current fraud activity levels.

Monitor and respond to vehicle fraud

Enhance fraud and risk management

The potential for vehicle related fraud is constantly increasing, with the growth of software-defined vehicles on the road. Using Argus’s advanced algorithms and heuristics, stakeholders can pinpoint suspicious behaviors that point to warranty fraud, petrol theft, identification fraud, car theft and more.

Argus Fraud Detection quickly and accurately alerts stakeholders to potential misuse. The solution’s deep analysis capabilities and embedded fraud playbooks help stakeholders take decisive action before the financial consequences escalate and business performance is affected.

SDV cyber security

Control your fleet with real-time insights

With scalable, highly automated connected car security

The Argus solution provides fraud detection based on pre-built scenarios and deep understanding of our customers’ needs. Data is ingested and analyzed in real-time to correlate with pre-built rules and investigation scenarios. Real-time alerts and notifications are sent out as needed. Best practices and playbooks are available in order to resolve the detected cases quickly and efficiently.

SDV cyber security, connected vehicles cyber security

Leverage Argus’ vehicle fraud detection expertise

Across an exponentially growing attack surface

Argus brings together years of comprehensive expertise in fraud detection, helping manufacturers and service providers understand their fraud risk, signs of misuse, and practical next steps for remediation.

connected vehicles, SDV cyber security

Argus Fraud Detection elements

An impactful combination of technology and expertise

connected vehicles, SDV cyber security

Vehicle SIEM

Maximize visibility into the threat landscape by fusing data sources, enriching connected vehicle data, and finding anomalies

Threat Hunting

Combine machine learning anomaly detection with custom rules for identifying and mitigating specific fraud use cases

connected vehicles, SDV cyber security

Use Case Engineering

Create unique use cases with their own detection logic and response playbooks, based on exploratory data analysis

SDV cyber security
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Learn how Argus Fraud Detection helps car manufacturers reduce their fraud and misuse risk