Shifting gears in automotive cyber security

From development through production, embedded security to analytics, Argus makes vehicles safer for a connected, software-defined world.

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Automotive Cyber Security Company Argus

Keeping over 65 million drivers safe

Argus automotive cyber security is already trusted to protect lives on a global scale, bringing confidence to a connected future.

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Driven by 600 man years of research

We’re home to world-class experts in automotive cyber-security research, with over 100 patents granted and tens of responsible disclosures.

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in 9 global locations

Argus is home to over 200 vehicle cyber security experts, working on tens of series production projects for leading car manufacturers.

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The future of mobility is connected – but every connection is a potential risk for drivers, car manufacturers, and safety. Argus takes an all-encompassing approach to automotive cyber security: not just best-in-class embedded technology, but a blend of innovation and back-end services for the entire mobility sphere.

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What They Say

“Argus is a key pillar of Continental’s software-defined vehicle strategy, enabling Continental to implement a security-by-design approach. As automotive cyber security moves to the cloud, Argus’ cutting-edge technologies and proven VSOC capabilities position us advantageously to meet our customers’ future needs”

Gilles Mabire

“With road safety and cybersecurity as two of the core elements in DEKRA’s vision of being the global partner for a safe world, Argus is an obvious ally for Dekra”

Dr. Kerim Galal

“Together with Argus, we’re helping carmakers to save time and money by providing a pre-integrated solution built to meet the highest levels of safety and security regulations”

Mike Robertson

“HL Mando’s safety-critical systems protected by Argus’ cyber security solutions, not only comply with cyber security regulation, but also allow OEMs and ultimately, their customers, to rest assured that their vehicles will operate safely”

Mr. Seonghyun Cho
Mr. Seonghyun Cho

”The team-up of AURIX with Argus IDPS provides a major building block of that protection enabling automotive system suppliers to benefit from an enhanced cyber security solution”

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Thomas Boehm

“We were impressed with the commitment of the Argus engineers to achieve ASPICE and cybersecurity capabilities for their IDS product line”

argus testimonial
Steffen Herrmann

“Argus’ collaboration with Microsoft Azure IoT provides a path for automakers looking to execute on their goal of secure connected and autonomous vehicles”

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Avijit Sinha

“With Argus and NXP combined expertise, we offer automotive customers a differentiated IDS solution intigrated with the S32G that can increase the security and safety of future connected vehicles”

Brian Carlson

“Argus and ST Microelectronics integrated offering provides a critical piece in a multi-layered approach to cyber defense, helping automakers secure vehicles and ensuring the safety of drivers and the public”

Antonio Radaelli
Antonio Radaelli

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