Argus vDome

CAN injection protection
to prevent car theft

Argus vDome is a patented AI-powered product for fleet operators, insurance companies and OEMs that protects vehicles and critical systems from cyber attacks, preventing keyless entry and CAN injection car theft.

ECU cyber security
why now?

Prevent cyber vehicle theft – one of the biggest cybercrime challenges for the automotive industry

Vehicle theft is on the rise, and the latest trend of theft via “CAN injection” cyber attack technique is impacting multiple car brands in various markets, as well as vehicle fleet operators, insurance companies, and car owners.

Product highlights

Self learning

Automatically adapts to every vehicle, no need for prior manual configuration

Future proof

Lifetime protection with ongoing updates as a service

Prevents CAN
injection car theft

Rogue devices are blocked in under 200 microseconds before they are able to manipulate critical systems

No errors

Virtually zero false positives


Can protect hundreds of millions of vehicles already on the road


  • Many car brands are affected by cyber vehicle theft
  • Insurance premium are rising
  • Financial loss to vehicle fleet operators
Argus vDome features

Prevent cyber vehicle theft

Argus vDome detects malicious CAN messages sent by a rogue device and blocks them in real-time to protect vehicle systems such as immobilizer and central locking system

Detects & protects

Automatically detects & blocks rogue messages from unauthorized devices in under 200 microseconds

Network protocols

Designed for both CAN and CAN-FD protocols

Flexible deployment

Supports parallel and serial integration

Minimal footprint

No impact on resource consumption such as host processor, message latency or network utilization

Protect from cyber
vehicle theft

Argus vDome tackles one of the automotive industry biggest cybercrime challenges by detecting rogue devices and blocking them in real-time

See how Argus vDome is protecting vehicles worldwide