Ethernet Protection

Intrusion Detection and Prevention for automotive Ethernet networks

Argus Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for in-vehicle Ethernet networks provides network monitoring, threat detection, and attack prevention options. It can be integrated into an ECU as an AUTOSAR firewall or a library, or embedded in a switch firmware such as EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield.

Autosar Firewall Protection Software
why now?

Address new regulations and the increased cyber-risk with service-oriented architectures

Software-defined vehicles are increasing the demand for automotive Ethernet and its protocols (such as SOME/IP). This change significantly increases the number of potential malicious actors as well as the types of risk that vehicles and manufacturers are exposed to. To achieve vehicle homologation and manage risk, manufacturers must balance the opportunities offered by in-vehicle Ethernet with cyber security controls.

Product highlights

automotive ethernet security image

Advanced features

Including deep packet and stateful inspection

Automatic configuration

Based on network topology and architecture

Cyber security for ECUs / Autosar - IDPS


Ethernet Protection is ASPICE Level 2 certified including the cyber security extension

Achieve compliance

With regulations like UN155 and GB/T

vehicle ethernet security

Pre integrated

On switch firmware and common chipsets for leveraging hardware capabilities

Firewall capabilities

Fully complies with the AUTOSAR Firewall standard


  • Current and emerging vehicle cyber security regulation
  • Reducing exposure to corporate liability and costly recalls
  • Protecting brand and reputation through consumer safety and privacy
  • The need for secure products in a connected world
chair - ECU cyber security
Argus Ethernet Protection features

Comprehensive IDPS, based on deep expertise

Ethernet IDPS offers a comprehensive feature set for every aspect of Ethernet security, leveraging Argus’ domain expertise in the automotive space and network protection.

Automatic configuration and validation

Argus has made integration cheaper, simpler, and repeatable.

L2-L4 access control

Limit network access based on vehicle state, e.g. disabling diagnostic traffic while driving.

Deep packet inspection

Automotive application protocols inspection (E.g DoIP, SOME/IP)

Stateful inspection

Track stateful protocols’ connections and alert on or discard state violations

Performance optimization

Utilize computational resource consumption by offloading inspection to specific hardware features.

Ethernet firewall

Support AUTOSAR firewall standard features and platforms

Accelerate Ethernet network cyber security

With expert guidance and ready-made integrations

Ethernet Protection is operating system and hardware agnostic and comes pre integrated on switch Firmware such as EB Zoneo SwitchCore Shield and other common automotive chipsets such as NXP S32G.

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