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The next cyber security frontier


Argus helps the automotive industry promote innovation and vehicle connectivity by mitigating the rising risk to human lives and property.
Argus offers a unique Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) which prevents a vehicle’s critical components from being hacked in real-time.
It also generates reports and alerts for remote monitoring of a vehicle’s cyber health.

Optimal Threat Detection

Malicious attacks are identified by utilizing Argus patent-pending Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) algorithms. This unique technology scans all traffic in a vehicle’s network, identifies abnormal transmissions and enables real-time response to threats.


Easily integrated in existing production lines, Argus solutions do not require any architectural modifications and are AUTOSAR compliant.

Reporting and Management

Argus IDPS provides security managers a comprehensive overview of cyber-attacks and irregularities, allowing OEMs to identify unauthorized attempts to tune or change an ECU behavior.

Quick Response to Attacks

As cyber threats are dynamic in nature, the Argus research team constantly updates deployed systems, using Argus Secure Cloud servers and real-time Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.

Argus Aftermarket IDPS

Telematics Service Providers offering Smart Driving Assistance, Remote Diagnostics systems and Usage-Based Insurance solutions are at high risk of being hacked. Why? These services are commonly based on OBD-II service dongles. Once fitted into the car, the OBD-II receiver can transmit data through embedded cellular features or via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi interaction using the driver’s smartphone.

Unless done in a secure manner, the dongles 2-way communication with the internet on one hand and with a vehicle’s CAN bus network on the other poses a significant security risk. Argus IDPS can be easily integrated into these dongles, creating a new layer of cyber protection.


As a trusted advisor, Argus provides carmakers with a suite of services and enable them to identify vulnerabilities in network elements and other key components, while complying with emerging regulation.

These services include:

  • Architecture and design review for new vehicle models.

  • Penetration testing for current and future models.

Argus’ security vulnerability assessments reflect our belief in preemptive measures for proactively reducing cyber risks and their related costs. Our team is up-to-date with all new and emerging cyber threats, so we can continue to assure our customers’ success.

Argus is your partner in keeping passengers’ safety a top priority while complying with emerging cyber-security regulatory requirements. Stay ahead of the curve and see how easily Argus IDPS is integrated into your critical, vulnerable paths. Tomorrow’s costly cyber recall can be avoided today!

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