Argus TARA and Cyber Security Architecture Design

Threat analysis & risk assessment
for vehicle architectures, systems
and components

Argus helps you ensure secure-by-design vehicle architectures by embedding robust cyber security from the early development stages. Using a holistic methodology compliant with ISO 21434 and ASPICE, our services cover TARA (Threat analysis & risk assessment), cyber security concept, security requirements specification and architecture review.

Why Argus TARA for Cyber Security?

Get clear insight into your system’s security posture during development steps, fortifying your defenses with precision and foresight.

TARA and Security Concept

Secure your vehicle
architectures by design

Argus performs threat analysis & risk identification, categorization and assessment, supporting the creation of work products, with compliance to the regulation, for vehicle architectures, systems and components. Following the TARA, we define the security concept and goals including suggested mitigations and measures.

Security Requirements

Put your security
concept into practice

Once the TARA and the security concept and goals are complete for all vehicle components and systems, Argus drafts and defines the cyber security requirements. These requirements are documented in the Security Requirements Specification and used to develop the security mechanisms.

Architecture Review

Final check of your vehicle ecosystem

To help you prepare for type approval, Argus conducts a comprehensive, pre-audit assessment of the planned vehicle’s E/E architecture and connected services infrastructure. We identify any remaining security gaps and suggest practical steps for remediation.

Why Argus

Pragmatic risk

Optimal depth of analysis helps ensure risk analysis fully addresses the correct risks while maintaining a practical, cost-effective approach.

Best practice

Our TARA and security concept methodology adheres to ISO 21434 and ASPICE standards and has been examined and approved by auditors and regulatory bodies.

Multi-level TARA

Having performed dozens of TARAs for Tier 1s and OEMs, Argus’ multi-level approach covers the vehicle,  component, system and software levels.

Flexible service models to match the way you work


Our experienced cyber security engineers join your organization on a project basis, providing unmatched expertise while enabling flexible staff allocations.


If you need to perform a specific cyber security activity or have a custom request, define the scope and we’ll take care of it.


Cyber Security
Department as a Service

We become your organization’s cyber security division, acting as a one-stop-shop for all cyber security activities across the product development lifecycle.


can bus cyber security

Automotive Penetration Testing

World-class leaders in automotive cyber security pentesting, vulnerability research, and remediation


UNR 155 and ISO 21434 Cyber Security Compliance

Achieve comprehensive automotive cyber security compliance with customized processes, and expert guidance

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