Small-Series Compliance Starter Kit

Compliance readiness solution for small-series
OEMs and specialized suppliers

EV cybersecurity


Regulation requires vehicle manufacturers to take necessary steps to protect critical elements of the vehicle, as well as to monitor, detect and respond to vulnerabilities and cyber security attacks. Argus offers small-series OEMs and specialized suppliers a modular one-stop-shop solution for automotive cyber security compliance. Our starter kit provides a compliance plan and framework for products, services and resources – customized to the cyber maturity level of each customer. Addressing the unique compliance challenges of small-series OEMs and specialized suppliers, this cost-effective package helps manufacturers establish a cyber security baseline, so they can focus resources on making world-class vehicles and components.

Small-Series OEMs

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Your One-Stop Shop for Compliance Readiness
With lean resources focused on building innovative vehicles, small-series OEMs often need extended support and guidance in developing and implementing a cyber security compliance plan.
Argus Compliance Starter Kit is a modular, turnkey automotive security solution tailored to the compliance and budgetary needs of small-series OEMs. An optimal combination of best-in-class services and products covers all your “must have” compliance requirements, for the July 2024 UNR 155 type approval milestone and beyond.

Specialized Suppliers

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Leave Your Compliance Worries Behind
From July 2024 onwards, all vehicle components must meet UNR 155 vehicle type approval requirements for cyber security.
Argus Compliance Starter Kit is a modular, cost-effective automotive security solution for specialized suppliers that are now expected to conduct vulnerability testing and validation of vehicle components prior to delivery to OEMs. An ideal blend of best-in-class services, intrusion detection and prevention, and vehicle vulnerability management covers your critical compliance needs.