UNR 155 and
ISO 21434 Cyber
Security Compliance

Achieve comprehensive automotive cyber security compliance with customized processes, and expert guidance

Argus helps OEMs and Tier 1s establish management systems mandated by UNR 155 or ISO 21434. With our CSMS and ISO 21434 consulting services, vehicle type approval support and cyber security maintenance framework, you’ll be on your way to comprehensive compliance.

Why Argus Cyber Security Compliance?

Your trusted partner in achieving regulatory compliance and type approval, benefiting from our expert guidance, aligned with your goals.

Consulting and

Meet UNR 155
compliance requirements

Our experts work with OEMs to establish the processes needed to meet CSMS and type approval requirements at the vehicle and ECU levels per UNR 155.  CSMS support includes gap analysis, processes definition and implementation, and pre-audit assessment.

ISO 21434 Consulting and Compliance

Address demands from OEMs
for ISO 21434 compliance

Part of the ISO 21434 committee, Argus has deep knowledge of the ISO 21434 regulation. We help Tier 1s analyze and build the required cyber security processes, including support for implementing Cyber security Interface Agreements (CIAs) and certification efforts.

Vehicle Type Approval

Build your cyber security case the right way

To help OEMs prepare their Cyber Security Case for vehicle type approval audit,  Argus collects and ensures proper documentation of all required evidence (e.g.,CIA agreements, TARA, Vulnerability Management Report, V&R Report) to establish compliance at the vehicle and ECU levels.

Cyber Security Maintenance Framework

Maintain cyber security throughout the vehicle lifecycle

UNR 155 mandates cyber security maintenance (CSM) throughout the vehicle lifecycle (up to 10 years). Argus supports OEMs in planning and implementing CSM-related tasks such as vulnerability scans, event monitoring, incident response, remediation, and delivery of new release.

Why Argus


A deep understanding of the automotive cyber security lifecycle and CSMS processes to cover all your compliance and type approval needs.


Our skilled team of regulatory,  process and E/E architecture experts provide full support for your UNR 155/156 or ISO 21434 compliance project.


In-depth knowledge and wide experience in UNR 155/156 and ISO 21434 compliance projects, including CSMS certification and vehicle type approval.

Flexible service models to
match the way you work

Cyber Security
Department as a Service

We become your organization’s cyber security division, acting as a one-stop-shop for all cyber security activities across the product development lifecycle.


If you need to perform a specific cyber security activity or have a custom request, define the scope and we’ll take care of it.

Staff Outsourcing

Our experienced cyber security engineers join your organization on a project basis, providing unmatched expertise while enabling flexible staff allocations.

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Argus TARA and Cyber Security Architecture Design

Threat analysis & risk assessment for vehicle architectures, systems and components

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Automotive Penetration Testing

World-class leaders in automotive cyber security pentesting, vulnerability research, and remediation

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