SW Supply Chain Security

Continuous automotive vulnerability scanning

SW Supply Chain Security performs automatic binary SBOM scanning for public and private vulnerabilities to comply with regulations and assure product security.

why now?

Comply with regulation and industry standards

One of the biggest cyber security challenges of OEMs is limited or no visibility into the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) of components that come from vast amounts of external resources and software vendors. Therefore, it’s hard to tell whether an external software component is secured, and demonstrate cyber security regulatory compliance to auditors.

Product highlights

Regulatory compliance

For vehicles and components subject to cyber security regulation and standards such as UN R155 and ISO/SAE 21434

Supply chain cyber security posture

Get full visibility of the cyber security posture of all components from all vendors

Risk prioritization

Focus on high priority risk and vulnerabilities, reduce analyst overhead

Continuous scanning

Keep detecting newly published vulnerabilities for the life of the vehicle and its components


Can integrate with Argus DevSecOps holistic platform

SW Supply Chain Security Features

Vulnerability detection for vehicles and their components

Binary analysis

Automatic SBOM extraction from binaries including AUTOSAR, Linux and Android

Asset management

Manage ECUs, hardware components, and software libraries per project or vehicle model

Vulnerability detection

Continuous scanning to identify vulnerabilities from public and private databases relevant to your assets

Assessment and response

Stay informed with detailed alerts, automatically prioritize vulnerabilities, gain insight into risk exposure for each vulnerability

Continuous visibility into asset risk

Shift left security

SW Supply Chain Security provides automotive manufacturers and suppliers insights into vehicle and component vulnerabilities, in order to improve cyber security posture and comply with regulation.

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