Argus In-Vehicle Infotainment Cyber Guard

Advanced Cyber Security for In-Vehicle Infotainment

Argus In-Vehicle Infotainment Cyber Guard leverages Argus’ cutting-edge cyber security products to provide robust and adaptive security for the wide attack surface of IVI systems, ensuring resilience against evolving cyber threats.

Why Argus In-Vehicle Infotainment Cyber Guard?

Argus’s embedded cyber security technologies address the unique requirements of IVI systems, blending advanced threat detection with system integrity assurance

Multi-Layer Protection

Layered security for the unique challenges of IVI systems, protecting both the host ECU OS and the network

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with UNR 155 and other automotive cyber security regulation and industry standards

Optimized for Performance

Efficient resource utilization, preserving system performance and user experience

Proven Automotive-grade Solution

ASPICE certified and implemented in diverse range of global brands and models production projects

Architecture Compatibility

Supports various IVI architectures, seamlessly integrating with both current and future systems

Argus In-Vehicle Infotainment Cyber Guard Elements

Automatic Rule Generation

Save time with cyber inspection rules generated based on vehicle system description

Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Monitors and identifies unusual patterns in data traffic, ensuring early detection of potential threats

Advanced Protocol

In-depth inspection of IVI-specific protocols, including stateful examination and timing analysis for robust security

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