Argus VSOC

Vehicle Security Operations Center

Argus Vehicle Security Operations Center combines technology, processes, playbooks and a team of subject-matter experts to establish or expand a fully functional operation center for vehicle fleets.

ECU cyber security
why now?

Address new regulation with real-time monitoring and response capabilities

Manufacturers face increased pressure to comply with new regulation while real-world cyber attacks against vehicles are on the rise. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers already face and reputational impact due to cyber threats to vehicles.

Product highlights

vehicle SOC compliance

Domain expertise

A team with decades of experience in automotive-specific cyber security research and development

Data fusion

Data collection and normalization for any vehicle-related endpoint

vehicle soc and threat hunting

Advanced threat hunting

Machine learning algorithms combined with use case engineering for detection and response

Incident response

All service levels to ensure immediate root cause analysis, quick containment, rollback and recovery

vehicle SOC compliance


VSOC technologies and processes are aligned with the requirements of new standards and regulations


  • Current and emerging vehicle cyber security regulation
  • Quickly identify threats to connected vehicle fleets
  • Get a 360 degrees view of the entire fleet’s cyber security posture
  • Be prepared for decisive action in case of cyber breach
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Argus VSOC features

Technology and expertise for any vehicle fleet

Use case engineering

Exploratory data analysis to create customer-specific use cases — detection logic and response playbooks

Threat intelligence

Latest automotive threat intelligence reports tailored for client-specific findings and insights

Vehicle SIEM

Increase visibility into the threat landscape, fuse data sources and find anomalies

Data transformation

Collect, normalize, obfuscate and enrich data related to the connected vehicle for further analytics

Threat hunting

With machine learning anomaly detection and custom detection rules for identifying and mitigating specific use cases


Plug into automotive cyber security reporting and analytics dashboards for forensics on cyber threats to vehicles


L1-L2 analysts

First responders to alerts across the fleet. Conducting initial analysis and engaging subject matter experts where necessary

L3 analysts

Engage multiple layers of automotive cyber security research, development and use case engineering know-how to accelerate incident response and recovery

OEM Cyber Security

Plug into industry leading expertise

That touches every area of automotive cyber security

Argus VSOC gives manufacturers the advantage of decades of experience in automotive cyber security research, development and use case engineering. On the frontlines of new and emerging threats, Argus delivers the ongoing support, guidance and technology it takes to

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Monitor CAN network traffic, detect anomalies and the signs of a threat, and prevent major risks including denial-of-service and brute-force attacks.

can bus cyber security


Add advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention to Posix-based ECUs to reduce the risk of software-defined vehicles and drive compliance.


Vehicle Vulnerability Management

Meet regulations and standards like UN R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 with lifecycle vulnerability management that reduces financial, safety, and privacy risk.

triangle icon can bus cyber security

Ethernet IDPS

Protect in-vehicle networks with comprehensive network monitoring, threat detection, and attack prevention as an ECU library or pre-integrated into switch firmware.

Argus vDome

Argus vDome is a patented AI-powered product for fleet operators, insurance companies and OEMs that protects vehicles and critical systems from CAN injection attacks, preventing keyless entry and CAN injection car theft.

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