Automotive Penetration Testing

World-class leaders in automotive
cyber security pentesting, vulnerability
research, and remediation

Argus cyber security experts identify vulnerabilities in vehicle software and hardware throughout the development lifecycle. Using reverse engineering, code review, fuzz testing and other methods, we perform ECU-level and vehicle-level pentesting as well as Alexa security certifications to help you comply with industry regulations and standards.

Why Argus Automotive Penetration Testing?

More than a decade of experience, hundreds of production projects with 100% success rate in penetration testing to strengthen your product’s security posture and comply with regulations

ECU-Level Penetration Testing

Meet OEM and regulatory pentesting requirements

Leveraging expert knowledge of automotive protocols, HW/SW, networks and interfaces, our ECU-level pentesting identifies and reports vulnerabilities in ECU interfaces, communication channels and security measures. We’ll help you strengthen your ECU cyber security while supporting your compliance process.

Vehicle-Level Penetration Testing

Understand your vehicle’s
security posture

Aligned with UNR 155 requirements, vehicle-level pentesting identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities in the vehicle EE architecture that could be exploited to manipulate safety-critical components or break network segregation. This activity assures that OEMs are ready for vehicle type approval.

Code Review

Deep dive into your vehicle software

Using manual review and automated tools, Argus researchers analyze your codebase to make sure it’s developed in line with secure development practices. If vulnerabilities or flaws are identified, we suggest possible remediations to fix the code.

Fuzz Testing

Scalable testing options for
ECUs and vehicles/systems

Argus Fuzz testing combines proprietary technology with decades of research to enable automated, scalable and cost-effective pentesting. Our researchers find zero-day vulnerabilities and configuration errors over vehicle networks, protocolsand interfaces, while generating reports for error correction and type approval.

Amazon Alexa Certification

Enabling Alexa Voice Services (AVS) for OEMs

As an Amazon-certified security lab for Alexa integration, Argus conducts security assessments tailored to the AVS security requirements. We analyze and score your integration against each requirement, and prepare your report for submission to Amazon.

Why Argus

Laser-focused on automotive

A team of automotive cyber security experts with extensive knowledge of ECUs, automotive use cases, standards and protocols.

Experience you
can rely on

Proven track record of 100% successful penetration testing projects for leading vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1s at the ECU and vehicle level.

security offering

Full suite of services to meet all your pentesting needs, as well as other V-model cyber security activities.

Flexible service models to
match the way you work

Cyber Security
Department as a Service

We become your organization’s cyber security division, acting as a one-stop-shop for all cyber security activities across the product development lifecycle.


If you need to perform a specific cyber security activity or have a custom request, define the scope and we’ll take care of it.

Staff Outsourcing

Our experienced cyber security engineers join your organization on a project basis, providing unmatched expertise while enabling flexible staff allocations.

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Argus TARA and Cyber Security Architecture Design

Threat analysis & risk assessment for vehicle architectures, systems and components


UNR 155 and ISO 21434 Cyber Security Compliance

Achieve comprehensive automotive cyber security compliance with customized processes, and expert guidance

See how Argus VMDR delivers end-to-end protection