Argus XDR

Extended Detection and Response

Upgrade your fleet management with Argus XDR – powered by advanced AI analytics and top-notch security. Boost efficiency, ramp up safety, and make smarter decisions effortlessly.

why now?

Address evolving cyber security threats and enhance fleet security

In today’s cyber security landscape, Security Operations Centers face numerous challenges, including keeping up with evolving skills, managing multiple tools in silos, sorting through endless alerts, dealing with high rates of false positives, and having a narrow view of attacks. These hurdles hamper effective threat detection and response.

Product highlights

vehicle SOC compliance

Regulatory compliance

Assists complying with regulations and standards such as UNR 155/6, GB/T, and ISO 21434

Multi layer protection

Data collection and normalization for any vehicle-related endpoint

vehicle soc and threat hunting

Noise reduction

Focusing on viable threats, reducing false positives and chasing dead-ends

Actionable insights

Intelligence-driven insights empowering informed decision-making and staying ahead of fleet data challenges

vehicle SOC compliance

Real time detection

Instantly identifies and responds to emerging threats using out-of-the-box playbooks

Argus XDR features

AI driven extended detection and response

Deep Data Analytics

Utilizing AI to uncover fleet and cyber security insights across diverse data sources

Anomaly Detection

Notifies users about irregular patterns and aids in identifying incidents they might not have anticipated, helping to concentrate efforts on incident management and improving overall awareness

Alert Link Analysis

Gain insight into cybersecurity event relationships to inform decision-making and response planning. Uncover hidden correlations and patterns between incidents using link analysis, facilitating faster resolution of security incidents

GenAI Technology

Simplifies data analysis by using natural language instead of complex queries. This saves time for analysts and boosts efficiency, enabling preemptive action to mitigate cyber threats and strengthen fleet cybersecurity

Geolocation Insights

Obtain contextual information on vehicle movements, enhance operational efficiency, and mitigate security risks related to unauthorized or suspicious activities

Rules & Alerts Module

Customized threat detection and response strategies for fleets, minimizing false alarms and enhancing operational efficiency. Analysts access comprehensive event context and response guidelines through a unified interface, boosting visibility and speed

Achieve fleet excellence

That touches every area of automotive cyber security

Argus XDR gives manufacturers AI-powered fleet monitoring platform combined with the advantage of decades of experience in automotive cyber security research, development and use case engineering.

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