Host Protection

Intrusion Detection and Prevention for ECUs

Argus’ ECU Intrusion Detection and Prevention System reduces risk and drives compliance with detection, protection, logging, and fail-safe capabilities for Posix based ECUs running Linux, Android and Adaptive AutoSAR software.

Autosar Firewall Protection Software
why now?

Detect and prevent intrusions within vehicle components

Built on widely available POSIX operating systems, core components such as infotainment, telemetry units, and driver assistance systems are exposed to a wide pool of potential increased risks. Vulnerability databases are freely available to malicious actors, and connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide an attack vector. As a result, manufacturers and suppliers need ECU protection tools which accommodate automotive-specific requirements, such as AUTOSAR cyber security.

Product highlights

Hardening for ECUs / Autosar - IDPS

Host hardening

To detect threats and prevent system intrusions

Widespread compatibility

With support for Linux, Android, and Adaptive AutoSAR operating systems


ASPICE (3.1) Level 2 product and project compliance

Flexible architecture

ECU cyber security capabilities can be enabled, disabled or adjusted over the vehicle lifecycle

Award winning

Automotive cybersecurity innovation of the year

Optimized performance

With minimal impact on ECU memory and CPU


  • Current and emerging vehicle cyber security regulation
  • Reducing exposure to corporate liability and costly recalls
  • Protecting brand and reputation through consumer safety and privacy
  • The need for AUTOSAR cyber security to protect connected ECUs
autosar firewall protection software
argus Host Protection features

From threat and attack detection to fail-safe capabilities

Platform integrity

Validate the integrity and authenticity of executables at boot and during runtime

System limiter

OS hardening to prevent unauthorized resource use and malicious commands

IdsM for Linux

Provides a standardized interface for receiving notifications of on-board security events SEv.

Advanced threat detection

Detects anomalous activities and provides automated response options

Securing vehicles where they’re most at risk

Layers of ECU protection on the attack surface

Argus Connected Host Protection provides detection and prevention controls for securing vehicle ECUs and achieving system and vehicle compliance.

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