Security AutoTester

Reveal zero-day software vulnerabilities with automated vehicle fuzz security testing

Security AutoTester utilizes Argus’s extensive knowledge and domain expertise in automotive cyber security based on hundreds of customer projects to enable enterprise level security testing such as fuzz and penetration testing to automotive software developers, both OEMs and suppliers

why now?

Shift left security testing for faster regulatory compliance

Integrate the security testing into the regular development & testing pipeline for constant cyber security visibility required by the UN R155 regulation and the ISO/SAE 21434 international standard.

Product highlights

Deep cyber security knowledge

Based on dozens of fuzz testing projects with OEMs and Tier-1s

Constantly evolving

With new interfaces, protocols 
and fuzz test cases

Regulatory compliance

For vehicles and components subject to cyber security regulation and standards such as UN R155 and ISO/SAE 21434

Intuitive UX/UI

Build for easy usage, no cyber security skills are required

Shift left security

Can integrate with Argus DevSecOps holistic platform


Can run as part of Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation (HIL)

Security AutoTester Features

Uncover unknown software weaknesses

Out-of-the-box test cases

Over 200 automotive fuzz test cases

Designed for regulatory audit

Test reports built to comply with the evolving regulations

Plug & Play

Out-of-the-box integration to leading testing environments

Flexible testing options

Fuzz test one ECU or an entire vehicle

Securing vehicles where they’re most at risk

Shift left security

Security AutoTester provides enterprise level cyber testing into your ECU and vehicle development and testing environments.

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