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Working at Argus means joining a leading automotive cyber security team with a shared commitment to innovative, cutting-edge technology. This is where the world’s best cyber security experts collaborate to build industry-shifting solutions. A place where performance and innovation are recognized and rewarded.

Why work at Argus?

Exciting challenges

Argus’ team is constantly striving for excellence – from writing flawless code to finding smart new ways to deliver industry-leading security

Impactful technology

Argus is committed to doing good through security solutions for software-defined vehicles

Work-life balance

Argus works in a hybrid mode, designed to allow flexibility, and accommodate every employee’s needs and way of working

People first is the best strategy to win

From cyber security researchers to developers, sales, and marketing, there’s a role for every kind of expertise at Argus. This is what drives Argus’ success, and shifts gears in automotive cyber security, worldwide

Join our team

“Argus is by far the best organization I’ve worked for! One of the (many) things I love about my job is working with colleagues from around the globe and learning about other cultures and traditions. In addition to making meaningful products for the automotive market, Argus places a huge emphasis on each employee’s well-being!”

Morag Krespin

“What I love about Argus is that the company encourages each of us to work creatively in our own way. This keeps me passionate about getting involved in new deals”

Chiharu Ota

“For me, the best thing at Argus is the people themselves, who tend to give you that family-ish kind of vibe. I go to the office in the morning, but still feel at home the entire day”

Rom Jacoby

“At Argus, what you do really matters. Argus is a challenging and fast-paced environment that forces you to bring your “A” game every hour a day. Working with cutting-edge technologies allows me to fulfill my creativeness and to learn new things every day”

Lara Popova

“You succeed when you achieve your goals, but if you really want to shine, put your goals beyond your current limits. Protecting vehicles around the world is full of interesting challenges, which I love to tackle every day”

Dolev Ben Aharon

“I love the energy of the Argus team, and I’m always given the feeling that my ideas matter. From day one, everyone was super friendly. I also enjoy the challenges of working directly with diverse OEMs, Tier 1s, and partners worldwide. What motivates me every morning is the knowledge that our efforts can change the way the automotive industry thinks about cybersecurity”

Victor Marginean

“An amazing part of my experience at Argus is how fast I’ve grown professionally by working with the world’s top white-hat hackers and automotive cyber security experts. My colleagues are very supportive and willing to help anyone in the security community”

Simiao Wang

“I started working at Argus as a QA Automation Engineer, with a vision of becoming a team leader. In a place where human assets are perceived as a top priority, employees are seen and rewarded for their efforts. I accomplished my goal faster than expected”

Ran Dayan

“I truly enjoy meeting and working together with colleagues, which I can call friends, that are spread around the world: Germany, France, Israel, Japan, Korea. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many people from different countries, and learn about their cultures and traditions”

Durga Adusumilli

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Assistant Controller

Automotive Cybersecurity Compliance Expert

Automotive Penetration Tester

Automotive Penetration Tester

Automotive Penetration Tester Tech Lead

DevOps Engineer

Hardware Integration Engineer

Network Security Researcher

Penetration Testing Team Lead

Project Manager

QA Automation Engineer CP

QA Automation Tech Lead

R&D Group Leader

R&D Technical Team Leader

Sales Director

Sales Engineer

Security Architect

Security Architect

Security Architect

Senior Security Architect

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