Securing SDV: A CI/CD Guide to Vehicle Vulnerability Management

Welcome to the future of automotive innovation, where Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) are revolutionizing the industry. Automakers are investing heavily in software development to harness the potential of connected SDVs and services, opening up new avenues for business growth. However, agile product development, over-the-air updates, and rapid software releases require advanced tools to safeguard their vehicles against vulnerabilities and threats.

In this comprehensive whitepaper, you will discover:

  • Why continuous vulnerability analysis is now essential for Tier 1 suppliers and software developers.
  • The importance of integrating vulnerability management within your CI/CD pipelines for agile development.
  • How global automotive regulations and standards demand robust vulnerability management practices.
  • The differences between general-purpose vulnerability management tools and automotive-specific solutions, tailored for the unique challenges of modern vehicles.
  • Real-world examples of vulnerability management integration in CI/CD pipelines using popular tools like Jenkins and Jira™.
  • The proactive approach to vehicle vulnerability management and its significance in enhancing automotive software security.

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