Argus VVM

Vehicle Vulnerability Management

Argus Vehicle Vulnerability Management monitors, detects, and guides vulnerability response throughout vehicle and component development, production, and post-production phases.

why now?

Meet regulatory obligations to manage vehicle vulnerabilities

To meet the requirements of regulations and standards like UNR 155 and ISO/SAE 21434 and mitigate threats to consumer safety and privacy, manufacturers need to monitor, detect and respond to software vulnerabilities in their vehicles. Therefore, visibility into vehicle assets and vulnerabilities across product lifecycles is critical.

Product highlights

Vulnerability management for every stage
of the vehicle lifecycle

iso 21434 compliance

Unmatched visibility

Built for automotive, manage the entire hierarchy of vehicle ECUs from system level to components and items

Continuous monitoring

Always-on, real-time vulnerability detection
to allow quick and prioritized vulnerability handling

vehicle vulnerability management

Easy integration

Support for API access and standard protocols for utilization in the existing toolchain

Full intelligence picture

Scanning most common vulnerability dictionaries, VVM ensures that a complete and up to date vulnerability picture is presented

iso 21434 compliance

Automatic SBOM Extraction

Extract SBOM from any ECU using standard formats or binary files, including AUTOSAR

Risk prioritization

Automated prioritization of vulnerabilities to highlight critical risks and reduce analyst overhead


  • Current and emerging vehicle cyber security regulation
  • Avoid recalls by identifying vulnerabilities before vehicles hit the road
  • Ensure vehicle safety and consumer privacy following software updates over the vehicle lifetime
Vehicle vulnerability management
Argus VVM features

Vulnerability Detection for vehicles and their components

VVM is a comprehensive system to detect vulnerabilities in automotive assets, including ECUs and their software libraries.

Vulnerability scanning

Track every relevant vulnerability in a single system with scans based on public and private vulnerability repositories.

Impact analysis

Understand risk exposure per CVE, asset, project, and model.

Response prioritization and guidance

Adopt best practice remediation with hierarchical alerts per asset category and practical next steps to reduce risk when a vulnerability is identified.

Binary analysis

Automatic extract of the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and scan them for vulnerabilities.

Asset management

Manage hardware and software assets with bill of materials tracking for every component.

Intuitive web-based interface

Reduce the costs associated with external support and training.

iso 21434 compliance

Lifecycle visibility into asset risk

VVM provides manufacturers and suppliers insights into vehicle and component vulnerabilities, while supporting the identification and reduction of exposure to potential financial, safety and privacy risks.

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