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Survey Report: 2023 State of Cyber Security at Small Automotive Manufacturers

In July 2024, all new or existing vehicle types will be subject to UNR 155 type approval for cyber security. While this milestone is just around the corner, 58% of small series OEMs and specialized suppliers are not yet ready for this regulatory deadline.

This is one of the many intriguing findings we discovered in a recent survey of 200 cyber security professionals from small automotive manufacturers in 11 countries.

Find out how your company’s cyber security and compliance readiness efforts stack up with the industry and discover:

  • What are the top cyber security challenges for small series OEMs and specialized suppliers?
  • What are the most important motivations for investing in cyber security?
  • What percentage of small automotive manufacturers design their products with cyber security in mind?

Download the full report to get a detailed benchmark of peer organizations’ cyber security and compliance readiness.

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