Ebook: Building a complete Vehicle SOC with Argus Fleet Protection

Developing and implementing reliable cyber security measures throughout the global fleet remains a major challenge for automotive Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). There are hundreds of end points to protect, a complex vehicle supply chain, stringent regulations to comply with, and a costly mitigation process. With the aim of overcoming these domain-specific challenges. Argus has developed VSOC Fleet Protection – a solution that ensures continuous cyber security monitoring, investigation, and analysis across the fleet lifecycle post-production.

Driven by years of research and unique automotive use cases, Argus VSOC Fleet Protection provides a comprehensive suite of tools, playbooks and services.

  • Gain full visibility into the cyber health of your fleet and car services
  • Identify patterns across the fleet that would otherwise go amiss
  • Detect, investigate, and respond to existing attacks
  • Enable prevention of emerging and unknown attacks
  • Comply with emerging regulations like UNECE WP.29

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