Automotive Cyber Security Services

Argus helps customers prevent, detect, manage, and mitigate cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks on all types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Argus’ services strengthen our customers’ cyber security posture while enabling their compliance with regulations and standards, such as UNR 155 (UNECE/ WP.29 vehicle cyber security regulations), ISO/SAE 21434, and other industry standards. Each of our services can be tailored to fit specific customer objectives, standard or regulatory objective, and production timeline constraints.

Argus Trusted Advisory Services Portfolio

Cyber Security Management System Services

CSMS Gap Analysis

Argus automotive cyber security experts work with relevant divisions within an OEM to evaluate the maturity level of their cybersecurity processes and capabilities against the WP.29 requirements. Together we define relevant processes, policies, measures, and tools in order to conform with ECE-TRANS-WP29-2020-079.

CSMS Process Definition

Argus cyber security experts support the organization in defining processes, tools, policies, and responsibilities, and provide ongoing guidance throughout the implementation.

Cyber Security Governance Services

Incident Response

In the case of a cyber security breach, the Argus Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) provides vehicle manufacturers with immediate on-call support, incident management, as well as containment and recovery plans. The team can support a wide array of triage activities such as event analysis, attack path recreation, and more.

Automotive Cyber Security Training

Argus research team provides training across a range of topics such as writing secure code, performing threat assessment and risk analysis, how to avoid vulnerabilities, and more.

Technology Consulting

Argus experts provide strategic consulting regarding cyber security technologies that can support compliance with ECE-TRANS-WP29-2020-079.

Services to strengthen vehicle cyber security posture and assist type approval

Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment (TARA)

Argus research team identifies, assesses, and categorizes risks for vehicle architectures, networks, and components, and recommends effective mitigation strategies. The process is conducted according to ISO/ SAE 21434 or other customer requested / industry standards.

Security Requirement

Based on the conclusion of the TARA, Argus’ research team drafts a set of cybersecurity requirements that will address all security aspects of the vehicle component or system.

Penetration Testing

Working according to black, grey, and white box methodologies, our white hat hackers identify vulnerabilities and potential attack scenarios targeting vehicle fleets and components, such as infotainment centers, telematics units and in-vehicle networks.

Security Testing (Validation)

Argus research team verifies that the security requirements are implemented according to the validation plan.

Internal Audit For Type Approval For WP.29 Compliance

Argus cyber security experts audit the vehicle manufacturer’s “information package” (Annex 1) according to the normative criteria for cybersecurity system type approval (Section 5).