Argus Connectivity Protection V2
Built for the automotive industry to protect connected ECUs in a wide-range of automotive attack scenarios. Offering multiple layers of defense, Argus CP is a flexible suite that prevents malware installation, detects OS anomalies, isolates suspicious applications, prevents attack propagation to other connected modules and the in-vehicle network, and secures the two-way communication channel with the outside world. Argus CP includes five products that work individually or together to provide defense in depth through multiple security layers.


Application Hardening

Helps ensure that only authenticated and uncompromised OEM applications will execute and run, using a closed OEM ecosystem approach:

  • Provides app validation both when an application executes and as it runs
  • Authentication is achieved with minimal effect on overall system performance, app load time and functionality
  • Includes back-end tools to digitally sign OEM authorized applications in the production phase

Network Access Filter

Protects all connected ECUs and applications from a central location by ensuring that communication traffic originates from trusted sources and complies with predefined rules and configurations as follows:

  • Defends against attack scenarios using context-aware whitelist filtering rules and message authentication schemes, whether it be on SMS, IP, cellular or any other interface
  • Tailored deep packet inspection (DPI) filters run in the operating system to identify abnormal traffic originating from applications as well as traffic directed to other ECUs
  • Prevents hackers from attacking connected ECUs without first exploiting IP network services such as DNS, HTTP etc.

OS and Network Threat Detection

Uses advanced heuristics to detect breaches at an early stage and can be configured to respond autonomously to identified threats:

  • Identifies breaches at an early stage regardless of the type of vulnerability exploited and can react autonomously to contain or neutralize the threat without online connectivity or user interaction
  • OS and Network sensors in the operating system detect abnormal behavior of processes, threads, system resources and more
  • Can be configured to autonomously respond to predefined security policies set by the customer
  • Helps mitigate threats with possible actions ranging from reverting to a safe system state (limp home), restarting specific processes or just logging and collecting forensics data

Remote Security Management

Enables OEMs to manage security policy updates and reports through cloud connectivity and gives them the ability to respond rapidly to threats:

  • Allows secure off-line calibration of security controls through Argus LifeSpan Protection Suite by the OEM or external calibration management tool if applicable
  • Supports multiple plug-ins, easily created for virtually any existing security control (Argus, open source or other)
  • Supports the aggregation of unit telemetry and security controls logs before sending them to a back-end infrastructure, to provide advanced monitoring and forensics capabilities in the cloud at a later stage

Check Point Car Capsule

Check Point Car Capsule provides an end-to-end VPN from the world’s leader in cyber security:

  • Routes all incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic to the internet via the Capsule Cloud
  • Seamlessly integrated with Argus LifeSpan Protection Suite and provides another layer of security to protect the connected vehicle
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