Aviation Cyber Security

Argus, a Continental company, delivers a broad range of professional services to help OEMs, airlines, and IFEC providers rapidly identify cyber threats, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and mitigate risk to enhance security and operational effectiveness.

Incident Response L3/L4 Support for Airlines for Added Value

Argus Professional Services provides unparalleled expertise and invaluable assistance to airlines that subscribe to the Aircraft Fleet Protection System. Our Professional Services team can help organizations such as yours fully understand and mitigate incidents based on Argus Fleet Protection System alerts, enhancing your team’s dedication and expertise with ours. We can conduct forensics and investigations along with your response team and provide detailed incident reports so that you can easily open tickets with your OEM. Our Professional Services add value to your investments and position your organization to address cyber threats more effectively.

Security Logs Consulting for OEMs

If you are an OEM that must integrate security logs into your system, per DO-326A/ED-202A, we can help. Whether for an IFEC system, an e-enabled component, or an avionics LRU, we can provide you with expert guidance on the security logs that should be collected, their cost-effective transfer to the ground, and the generation of relevant alerts. We can also help with the implementation itself.

Aircraft Fleet Protection as a Service for OEMs

If you are an OEM and need a platform for your customers to manage and monitor your airborne system’s security logs, per DO-355/ED-204, the Aircraft Fleet Protection System can do the job. Our research team can help create the engine rules relevant to your network, our development team can integrate them into the Aircraft Fleet Protection System, and your customers can start using it almost immediately. Argus helps your organization shorten time to market and deliver additional value to both you and your customers.