As modern aircraft become increasingly connected, they become more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Today’s modern, e-enabled aircraft come with advanced Ethernet and CAN-based network architectures which drive business but subject airlines and passengers to cyber risks. Argus helps commercial aviation companies to prevent, understand and respond to cyber attacks on connected aircraft.


Make it as hard as possible to penetrate the aircraft with multi-layered cyber security solutions starting with the weakest points on the attack surface of a commercial airliner, the cabin IFE and connectivity systems.


Detect attacks and determine their nature and impact through big data analysis and forensics tools.


Reduce time to mitigation through a security operation center (SOC) built to provide situational awareness of the connected aircraft fleet’s cyber health.


Argus Aircraft Fleet Protection

Argus Aircraft Fleet Protection provides airline security operations centers (SOCs) with the unprecedented ability to monitor aircraft networks, receive detailed alerts of abnormal behavior and start the mitigation process with dedicated tools and procedures using an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

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Argus IFEC Protection

Argus In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity Protection (IFEC) defends the cabin’s IFEC systems from internal and external threats, and stops attacks from spreading to the cabin management system or other critical systems.

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Argus Avionics Protection

Argus Avionics Protection reinforces select avionic components from attacks originating inside and outside of avionics systems based on A653OS, LinuxOS or other RTOS. Argus Avionics protection provides in-flight network security by detecting attacks, suspicious activity and changes in standard aircraft network behavior.

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