As the Connected Car Industry Continues to Accelerate, Security Remains Paramount

TEL-AVIV, Israel, November 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

Argus Cyber Security, a pioneer in automotive cyber security, and Zubie, Inc., a leader in the emerging connected car space, today reported that a security vulnerability was found by Argus in Zubie’s device. After being duly notified by Argus, Zubie took decisive and swift action in fixing the problem, as it relates to consumer safety.

As part of its ongoing research, Argus found that Zubie’s product was vulnerable to a wireless remote takeover. If left unaddressed, this gap would have enabled the installation of a malicious malware that could potentially influence a vehicle’s critical systems. Further technical information is posted on Argus’ blog.

“Argus’ mission is to promote car connectivity with zero compromise on safety and security,” said Ofer Ben-Noon, co-founder and CEO at Argus. “Once we detected Zubie’s security gap we duly notified Zubie with full details of our findings as required by our responsible disclosure policy. I was pleased to see both companies view customers’ safety a top priority, as evident by Zubie’s immediate action to fix the problem.”

Zubie has gone through system-wide security testing to protect the safety of both its customers and products. Since learning about the report from Argus, Zubie made the appropriate changes to its development process in order to further strengthen its overall security practices.

“We take security very seriously and pride ourselves on continuing to bolster our cyber safety programs with ongoing security testing and monitoring, and we have no evidence that any customers’ vehicles were compromised,” said Tim Kelly, CEO of Zubie. “We fully endorse responsible disclosure policies and appreciate Argus coming directly to Zubie to address this issue, as it helps the company achieve its mission of making driving safer for everyone.”

Argus provides a comprehensive cyber security solution suite for connected cars. Argus solutions prevent a vehicle’s critical components from being hacked in real-time and are seamlessly integrated into any vehicle production line and aftermarket telematics devices. Zubie provides consumers and small businesses with real-time vehicle diagnostics solutions that employ a cellular-based OBD-II device for the vehicle, along with rich mobile apps and data services. 

About Zubie

Zubie is a connected car service focused on making driving safer, easier and less expensive for consumers, small businesses and business verticals including automotive, insurance, and mobile/telecom operators. The company was formed in 2012, and is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, with operational offices in the Minneapolis area.

About Argus

Argus is an automotive cyber security pioneer enabling car manufacturers to protect technologically advanced connected vehicles from current and future malicious attacks. Founded by cyber security experts, Argus incorporates both innovative security methods and proven computer networking practices into comprehensive solutions for the automotive industry. or visit us at LinkedIn.


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Argus Cyber Security

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