Cyber Security Solution Suites

Designed for the automotive industry by automotive and cyber experts and built on the innovation of 56 granted and pending automotive patents, Argus solution suites offer the most comprehensive, modular and multi-layered protection from car hacking in the industry.

Argus Connected ECU Protection

Connected electronic control units (ECUs), such as telematics units, infotainment centers, and ADAS units run on high-end operating systems (Linux, QNX, Android, Adaptive AUTOSAR). These ECUs interface with the outside world through a variety of communication channels, creating a large attack surface for potential hackers. Argus Connected ECU Protection detects and mitigates attacks targeting connected ECUs.


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Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection

Using advanced prevention and detection technologies, Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection monitors and analyzes network communications to detect and prevent attacks, suspicious activity and changes in standard in-vehicle network behavior. Acting as a sensor, Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection provides meaningful alerts that can be further analyzed to enable rapid detection and response (IDRS). Supporting a wide array of network protocols — CAN and CAN-FD, Ethernet (with SOME/IP, DoIP etc.) and more — this suite is well positioned to defend current and future vehicle architectures.

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Argus Core ECU Protection

Core electronic control units (ECUs), such as instrument clusters, body control modules (BCM), braking systems and gateways, are either bare-metal or run classic AUTOSAR. These ECUs are responsible for most vehicle functionalities, including safety-critical functions. A successful cyber-attack on core ECUs can have a high impact on car operation and place passengers’ safety at risk. Argus Core ECU Protection detects and mitigates attacks targeting core ECUs.


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Argus Fleet Protection

Future-proofs the fleet with an additional layer of protection. Collects and analyzes data from Argus in-vehicle solutions and other sources. Operating from the cloud or integrated in a security operations center (SOC), this suite provides OEMs and fleet managers situational awareness of fleet cyber health on an intuitive dashboard. Argus Fleet Protection also generates insights on new attacks and trends from big data analytics of OEM and fleet data, and provides the tools to take preemptive action.


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