Monitors and analyzes in-vehicle network communication in real time to detect cyber security attacks and suspicious network activity. Argus Network Protection uses various techniques, such as deep packet inspection and timing and context analysis, to provide accurate, detailed alerts of suspicious events in CAN and Ethernet networks.

The solution may be integrated on every ECU as an IDS sensor to support intrusion, detection, and response (IDRS) capabilities.

Note: Our intrusion detection solutions are available in prevention mode (IDPS) upon request by the customer. This mode will enable real-time blocking of malicious communication when requested.



Argus CAN IDS identifies attacks and suspicious activity in CAN networks:

  • Sophisticated advanced decision tree enables deterministic detection of attacks
  • Generates detailed logs, pinpointing the malicious message and fine points of each anomaly to accelerate in-depth analysis
  • Quick to deploy with autonomous configuration tools and the option for advanced offline traffic analysis
  • High-performance, low-latency, and small footprint
  • Easy integration with CPU architecture and OS agnostic library


Argus Ethernet IDS identifies attacks and suspicious activity in ethernet transport and application (e.g. DoIP and SOME/IP) layers of the network communication. The solution operates from a variety of network components, such as gateways, switches, and all classic Autosar and POSIX-based ECUs.

  • Successfully integrated, with minimal impact on performance, into multiple system on chips (SoCs) and switches  
  • Built from the ground up to identify automotive cyber attacks with knowledge based on Argus’ extensive research in automotive Ethernet security and architectures
  • Can be deployed as an IDS sensor across various ECUs


Deployed on a gateway, domain controller, or any other component Argus CAN firewall inspects and prevents malicious communication from harming ECUs and other network segments.

  • Flexible protocol and data filtering tailored to OEM requirements
  • Blocks suspicious communication from reaching safety-critical in-vehicle systems
  • Prevents diagnostics attacks with diagnostic communication filtering

Argus Fingerprinting

Stand-alone hardware and software solution that identifies and validates the source of each message on the in-vehicle network:

  • Uses deterministic physical signatures, with 100% detection rate and zero false positives on all tested architectures
  • Protects the entire in-vehicle network from a single central location
  • Can be integrated at any stage of the vehicle lifecycle, during production or retrofit
  • Autonomous configuration provides immediate value with minimal effort

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