Provides in-vehicle network-wide security by detecting attacks, suspicious activity and changes in standard in-vehicle network behavior. Deployed centrally, Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection examines entire network communication and stops attacks advancing in the network. Supporting a wide array of network protocols — CAN and CAN-FD, FlexRay, Ethernet (with SOME/IP, DoIP etc.) and more — this suite is well positioned to defend current and future vehicle architectures.


Argus CAN Firewall

Prevents unauthorized communication from accessing the in-vehicle network and from attack propagation to other network segments:

  • Separates network segments: OBD-II filtering, infotainment, head unit vs. more critical systems
  • Includes flexible filtering options tailored to OEM requirements

Argus Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Identifies attacks in the in-vehicle network and blocks them in real time:

  • Uses context-aware heuristic and learning algorithms to enable a near-zero false positive rate
  • Stores malicious messages for further in-depth analysis
  • Works independently and with Argus Lifespan Protection
  • High performance, low-latency and small footprint
  • Supports different communication protocols, operating systems and deployment options

Argus Diagnostic Authenticator

Prevents unauthenticated diagnostics sessions and stops hackers utilizing diagnostics procedures to carry out advanced attacks:

  • Implements role-based certificate management
  • Blocks unauthorized sessions at the gateway

Argus Secure Command

Provides centralized authentication and validation to protect vehicles from malicious remote commands:

  • Secures remote instructions sent to a vehicle (e.g.,engine start, heating or door opening)
  • Uses end-to-end authentication and digital certification

Argus Ethernet Protection

Argus Firewall and In-Vehicle Network Protection Suite designed specifically for Ethernet distributed environment:

  • Detects anomalous activities at the network and application (DoIP and SOME/IP) layers
  • Utilizes additional information from Ethernet network protocol for improved protection

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