IFEC Protection

Argus IFEC Protection is a proven solution for securing your in-flight entertainment and communications systems against cyber attacks in real time. Argus IFEC Protection can be readily integrated with your existing IFEC components, including the modem and network controller, for more seamless, cost-effective implementation and operation. With Argus IFEC Protection, your organization is positioned to more effectively address the security challenges posed by increasing on-board connectivity.

IFC Modem Hardening Suite

Our work in the Argus lab tells us that the airborne modem is one of the weakest links in any IFC system, with multiple vulnerabilities. To address this, we have developed a hardening suite that integrates with virtually any modem that’s used in a Linux-based, IFC system. Our solution hardens the operating system by blocking unauthorized processes from accessing system resources and prevents malicious and unauthorized code from running on your modem. Our hardening suite is integrated into the kernel, so that the modem’s performance is unaffected, and assumes that significant, unpatched vulnerabilities already exists on your device and is agnostic to them. The same hardening suite, with some adaptations, can be implemented on other IFEC components.

IFEC Security Data Agent (SDA)

Security logs are an essential part of the aviation industry’s cybersecurity, and monitoring them is required by current and future cyber regulations. Our secured logger collects security logs from various sensors, including sensors that are part of the component’s OS or applications and sensors that are part of our hardening suite. According to your policy and definitions, the module collects the logs, aggregates them, and sends them to the ground, on your terms, to your NOC/SOC or your customers’ SOC for monitoring and investigation. This module is best fitted to your IFC modem, but can be installed on other IFEC components, as well.