Argus VSOC

Unlike traditional IT security, the automotive domain presents varied threat models, data constraints, scalability challenges, a complex supply chain, as well as stringent government regulations. For these reasons, OEMs require dedicated Automotive Security Operation Centers (VSOC).

Driven by more than 150 automotive use cases and hundreds of IT-related use cases, Argus VSOC enables VSOC teams to monitor and investigate cyber-attacks across the fleet lifecycle and give them the insights to respond effectively. Our product works with or without cybersecurity solutions installed in the vehicle.

One-Stop Shop For All VSOC Needs

Built For Automotive From Day 1

Built on knowledge gained from performing dozens of automotive cyber security research projects for major OEMs and Tier 1s, Argus VSOC is powered by 136 unique automotive use cases, rich data sources, and playbooks.

Reduce Time To Mitigation

Using monitoring and investigation tools, VSOC teams are able to gain full visibility across the fleet, identify which vehicles are being attacked, and receive detailed alerts to significantly reduce investigation time and enable rapid response.

Already In Production

Designed for scalability, Argus VSOC runs on highly robust and resilient Big Data technologies to enable flexible deployment and support for the largest of fleets.

Secure Connected Services

Receive alerts on attacks targeting connected services (e.g. API cybersecurity risks listed in OWASP) across the globe and easily assess the cause and impact of each event to respond effectively today and in the future.

Multi-Layered Cyber Security

Discover direct and indirect observables using threat intelligence, automotive use cases, rule-based engines, and machine learning algorithms. Through this mix of technologies, your VSOC team can effectively detect known, known unknown, and unknown unknown attacks targeting your vehicles today and in the future.

Support Compliance With Emerging Regulations

Argus anonymizes data sets to enable OEMs meet existing guidelines and principles endorsed by industry bodies and regulators as well as prepare for impending mandates and new standards-setting activities (e.g. UNECE WP. 29, ISO 21434, SAE J3061).

Works With & Without Argus In-Vehicle Solutions

By integrating Fleet Protection with Argus’ in-car cyber security solutions, any suspicious activity detected inside the vehicles will automatically be sent to the Incident Management Tool where it appears as a new alert for the VSOC team. 

Argus Fleet Protection Dashboard

Identifying and Investigating Attacks with Argus VSOC

Intuitive Tools For Smarter Monitoring, Analysis, And Response

Threat Detection

Discover threats targeting your vehicles and connected car services using AI/ML, rule-based, and threat intelligence.

Investigation Tool

Manage the full lifecycle of incidents with the support of Argus’ VSOC playbooks and Level 3 Incident Response services. Argus playbooks outline clear steps on how to respond to each unique incident — from the moment the threat has been detected and until its mitigation phase.

Incident Management

Identify vulnerabilities, understand your security posture, and analyze the root cause of attacks with rich data and predefined reports.

Protect Vehicles & Connected Car Services

Argus enables VSOC teams to protect connected car services by monitoring data generated from the vehicle and connected car services on backend, OTA, and telematics servers, mobile applications, automotive application gateways, and more in order to identify cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and anomalies.

Rich Data Feeds For Greater Visibility

Argus VSOC is driven by comprehensive detection engines that collect a wealth of data from ECU logs, dealerships, backend server logs, mobile applications, over-the-air updates, and in-vehicle security solutions, giving VSOC teams deeper insights into fleet security. Using rich automotive cyber security research, Argus also enriches the data with various parameters to support contextualized detection and promote a faster investigation process.

Additional Services For VSOC Teams


Working together with an MSSP or an OEM, Argus helps to continuously improve your security processes by creating new playbooks, use cases, threat hunting heuristics, and more.


Our data engineers can assist your VSOC team in integrating new data feeds into the Argus Threat Hunting and Investigation Tool.


Support the calibration of ML parameters and training of models on OEM data as well as advanced, non-playbook-based analysis of security events.

VSOC Implementation Tailored To Your Needs

Extension Of Existing SOC Solution

Transform your existing IT SOC into an vehicle SOC with the following:

  • Argus VSOC works with existing solutions, processes, and tools
  • Sends alerts directly to the SOC for further investigation or immediate action
  • Ensures smooth SOC operations through Argus playbooks and technical services such as Level 3 incident response, content engineering, use case analysis, and data science

End-to-End VSOC Solution

If your organization is interested in building an VSOC from the ground up, Argus offers:

  • A complete VSOC solution in partnership with leading MSSPs including T-Systems, Trustwave, Ericsson, and Singtel
  • Ongoing improvement of VSOC processes, continuous expansion of the automotive use case library, and professional services
  • Technical support from automotive use-case analysts and data scientists who work directly with the customer on adding new use cases to the platform and identifying new threats