Differential Update

Software updates over-the-air offer tremendous advantages, providing a way to enhance vehicle performance without on-premise repairs. But for automotive organizations, the operational costs can be high, as huge volumes of data are transmitted over costly cellular and in-vehicle networks.

Argus Over-the-Air Differential Update delivers the benefits of over-the-air updates, while optimizing both process and cost. Argus Over-the-Air Differential Update automatically pinpoints the precise changes needed per vehicle and per fleet, so that only required changes — rather than entire versions — are transmitted. This reduction in data volume can significantly decrease in-vehicle transfer time, network bandwidth requirements, cellular costs, and additional hardware requirements.

With Argus Over-the-Air Differential Update, dependable results are achievable with near-zero downtime.

Solution Benefits

Near Zero Downtime in Virtually Every Automotive Environment

  • Identifies just the specific changes that are needed, virtually eliminating transmission of unnecessary data
  • Reduces data volume, in-vehicle transfer time, bandwidth and memory requirements, and cellular costs
  • Automatically selects the optimal update algorithm for your organization’s environment and objectives:
    • Reduce downtime and size of data in transit
    • Low memory environments with smaller ECUs
    • Performance ECUs
  • Can perform updates in a fraction of a second, with more effective use of memory and results similar to double banking, but without the need for a second flash

Purpose-Built for the Automotive Industry

  • Designed specifically for automotive hardware, operating systems, and use cases
  • Delivers dramatic reductions in the speed and volume of vehicle updates with vastly diminished operational costs; tests show cost reductions as high as 94%
  • Resilient communications, immediate rollback capabilities, and software management and validation
  • Together with Argus Software Updates Over-The-Air, delivers updates seamlessly and cost effectively
  • Can be deployed with other over-the-air/backend management solutions, adding value to your existing technology investments