[Mountain View, California and Tel Aviv, Israel, June 5, 2018] – Argus Cyber Security, a global leader in automotive cyber security, and Phantom Auto, the leading provider of teleoperation safety technology for automated vehicles (AVs), have partnered to ensure the security of teleoperation safety technology in vehicles. Argus Connectivity Protection, integrated in Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology, will detect and block attacks in real-time and prevent them from proliferating to the in-vehicle network.

Cyber security challenges in the automotive sector are becoming increasingly significant as AVs become a reality and as the number of heterogeneous applications and services that run on AVs or interact with them grows, including teleoperation safety technologies. In addressing this issue, the California Department of Motor Vehicles mandates: (1) the use of remote operation for driverless testing, and (2) “a certification that AVs meet appropriate and applicable current industry standards to help defend against, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks, unauthorized intrusions, or false vehicle control commands.”

“As the automotive ecosystem includes more and more technologies to enable connected and automated vehicles, the need for a multi-layered, holistic cybersecurity solution becomes absolutely imperative,” said Yoni Heilbronn, Argus Cyber Security Chief Marketing Officer. “The automotive industry must proactively prepare for the cyber security challenges that connected and automated vehicles pose. Together with Phantom Auto, we are proving how safety and security go hand-in-hand by protecting and effectively enabling a new life-saving teleoperation technology.”

“It is vitally important that lifesaving AVs are deployed rapidly and at scale, but it is imperative that the deployment is optimally safe and secure,” said Shai Magzimof, Phantom Auto CEO. “By using Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology, driverless AVs will have a highly-trained human in the loop, who can safely drive the AV in the event the vehicle cannot safely operate. But the connectivity that enables this comes with inherent cyber risks, which is why we are ensuring the highest level of protection for our teleoperation safety technology by partnering with Argus.”

Argus will be demonstrating how its Connectivity Protection solution secures connected electronic control units (ECUs) at TU-Automotive Detroit, Booth C231, on June 6-7, 2018.


About Argus Cyber Security

Argus, a global leader in automotive cybersecurity, delivers multi-layered, end-to-end solutions and services to protect connected cars and commercial vehicles against cyber-attacks. Argus also provides OEMs an over-the-air (OTA) software update solution that enables them to quickly and cost-effectively improve performance and security as well as deploy new features throughout the vehicle lifespan. Ranked number one in third-party evaluations, Argus technologies are built on dozens of granted and pending automotive patents and rely on decades of experience in both cyber security and the automotive industry. Argus’ customers include the world’s largest OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and its partners include leading industry players. Founded in 2013, Argus is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in Michigan, Silicon Valley, Stuttgart, and Tokyo. Learn more at www.argus-sec.com.

Argus is an independent company of Elektrobit, a leading provider of automotive software products and services.

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About Phantom Auto

Founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley by a team of network communication and robotics experts, Phantom Auto is the leading provider of vehicle teleoperation technology.

Phantom Auto enables a remote human operator to drive an autonomous vehicle when it encounters a scenario that the vehicle cannot handle on its own, enabling the safe and rapid deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Phantom Auto offers a teleoperation-as-a-service safety solution for all autonomous vehicles that includes low latency vehicle communication software, an API for real-time assistance and guidance, and a remote operator service.

For more information on Phantom Auto, please visit: https://phantom.auto/

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Elliot Katz



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