Argus Compliance Readiness

Management and operations for automotive cyber security compliance

Argus Compliance Readiness Solution establishes management systems for WP29 UNR 155 or ISO/SAE 21434, while enabling the reporting and response activities necessary to achieve continuous compliance for cyber security over the product lifecycle.

vehicle cyber security compliance readiness

Tailored expertise and support for compliance programs at any stage of vehicle development

automotive cyber security compliance

Cover all aspects of automotive cyber security compliance

Argus Compliance Readiness delivers the people, policies, processes, procedures, and tools it takes to bring vehicles and components to market

Achieve automotive cyber security certification

Achieve automotive cyber security certification

Leverage Argus’ extensive experience in CSMS certification, automotive type approval, and hands-on incident response

automotive security compliance readiness

Prepare for the long-haul with technologies and know-how

Plug into years of automotive and cyber security expertise for hands-on incident response and ongoing threat & vulnerability monitoring

CSMS and automotive type approval certification support

For manufacturers and suppliers of software-defined vehicles

From establishing a new system to harmonizing and evolving existing processes, Argus Compliance Readiness delivers the right mix of experts and tools to enable go-to-market strategies, accelerate automotive type approval and ensure program timelines are met.

automotive cyber security compliance

Ongoing compliance for any vehicle or component

Navigate the road of continuous compliance

Argus helps manufacturers clear any process or technical compliance hurdle related to cyber security, while also supporting triage, response and reporting activities when required.

automotive cyber security compliance readiness

Staying ahead of threats and vulnerabilities

Leverage technology insights for increased awareness and insight

To sustainably stay ahead of evolving cyber-risk, Compliance Readiness provides visibility into dark and deep web chatter as well as software vulnerabilities that affect your vehicles or assets during any stage of the vehicle lifecycle.

automotive cyber security compliance

Argus Compliance elements

Achieve, demonstrate, and maintain compliance

automotive security compliance readiness

Cyber Security Management

Expert consulting to help manufacturers meet the requirements of regulators and customers

Cyber Security Operations

Holistic support and response to keep software-defined vehicles secure

automotive security compliance readiness

Cyber Security

Advanced vulnerability management and ongoing threat monitoring

automotive security compliance readiness

Cyber Security Testing

Targeted tests to demonstrate product assurance to regulators

OEM Cyber Security
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Monitor CAN network traffic, detect anomalies and the signs of a threat, and prevent major risks including denial-of-service and brute-force attacks.

can bus cyber security


Add advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention to Posix-based ECUs to reduce the risk of software-defined vehicles and drive compliance.


Vehicle Vulnerability Management

Meet regulations and standards like UN R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 with lifecycle vulnerability management that reduces financial, safety, and privacy risk.



Leverage expertise that’s already protecting millions of vehicles with a Vehicle Security Operations Center that combines technology, processes, playbooks, and knowledge.

triangle icon can bus cyber security

Ethernet IDPS

Protect in-vehicle networks with comprehensive network monitoring, threat detection, and attack prevention as an ECU library or pre-integrated into switch firmware.

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