Argus VMDR

Vehicle Monitoring, Detection and Response

Argus Vehicle Monitoring, Detection, and Response is an end-to-end, modular solution for automotive cyber security and compliance.

vehicle management detection and response

An award-winning solution for complete protection against cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks

OEM cyber security

Secure the vehicle and the fleet

Argus VMDR delivers a single architecture for automotive cyber security – from vehicle networks and components to the connected backend

OEM cyber security

Leading technology and expertise

Argus VMDR brings together proven and proprietary technologies already trusted to protect over 65 million vehicles on the road

OEM cyber security

More compliance, less complexity

Argus VMDR offers the synergies and reduced integration costs of a single solution architecture while also covering a wide range of compliance requirements

Holistic automotive
cyber security

From in-vehicle IDPS to fleet analytics and expert response

Argus VMDR is a modular solution where any combination of Vehicle IDPS Systems and Fleet Cyber Security Intelligence products can be implemented to protect vehicles, consumers and manufacturers from automotive cyber risk.

OEM cyber security

Efficient integration and configuration

Reducing cost and complexity for manufacturers

Argus VMDR is designed to enable a full suite of intrusion detection, and response capabilities while keeping costs and complexity low. With pre-integrated security software supporting a variety of vehicle hardware and architectures, as well as automated configuration tools, VMDR is ready in weeks, not months.

OEM cyber security

Cyber security management and operations

Plug into specialist expertise in compliance and cyber security

Argus VMDR empowers manufacturers with the advantage of hands-on experience, not just in delivering impactful solutions, but in reporting, achieving compliance, and responding to new threats and risks.

OEM cyber security

Argus VMDR elements

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Fleet Cyber Security Intelligence

Constant data fusion and vulnerability scanning for monitoring the cyber security posture of the fleet

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Vehicle IDPS

Detection, prevention, and logging for cyber security threats to vehicle ECUs and networks

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Cyber Security

Domain expertise and on-call support to stay ahead of evolving threats to software-defined vehicles

OEM Cyber Security
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Monitor CAN network traffic, detect anomalies and the signs of a threat, and prevent major risks including denial-of-service and brute-force attacks.

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Add advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention to Posix-based ECUs to reduce the risk of software-defined vehicles and drive compliance.


Vehicle Vulnerability Management

Meet regulations and standards like UN R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 with lifecycle vulnerability management that reduces financial, safety, and privacy risk.



Leverage expertise that’s already protecting millions of vehicles with a Vehicle Security Operations Center that combines technology, processes, playbooks, and knowledge.

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Ethernet IDPS

Protect in-vehicle networks with comprehensive network monitoring, threat detection, and attack prevention as an ECU library or pre-integrated into switch firmware.

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