Webinar: Mitigating Security Risks Across the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem in the Age of UN ECE R155

As vehicles become increasingly connected and software driven, their exposure to cyber risk increases. A digital ecosystem comprising many vendors has made security and compliance with UN ECE R155 challenging. Mitigating security risks in vehicles now requires unprecedented collaboration between multiple stakeholders within the organization and the value chain. To facilitate this collaboration, OEMs are either introducing new processes and tools into their enterprise security operation centers or considering how to establish vehicle security operation centers (VSOCs) from scratch.

This webinar focuses on the following:

  • The challenges of implementing processes related to vehicle cybersecurity engineering and security monitoring
  • What OEMs could do on their own vs. where they could partner with a 3rd party
  • The need for increased collaboration across vehicle and enterprise security teams
  • Processes and tools that facilitate greater efficiency in order to achieve cybersecurity monitoring, detection, and response

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