The Argus Challenge #1 (Oct 2015)

Answer this riddle and win Mobileye 560 system! *

The Invisible-Bunny Hunt!

Fifteen pedestals are arranged in a circle and an invisible bunny sits on one of them.

Two hunters are standing in the circle and their goal is to hit the bunny. They take aim and shoot simultaneously, if one of them hits the bunny it becomes visible and the game is over. If both miss the bunny is startled and jumps to the neighboring pedestal on its left or right. The hunters make another attempt to hit the bunny and so on.

Your challenge is to devise a strategy that will guarantee a hit in a minimum number of attempts.

Note: the bunny is not only invisible but also very smart. It can figure out your strategy and do everything possible to save itself.


 * Disclaimer: only OEM employees are eligible for participation.
Deadline: January 1st, 2016.

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