Yoni Heilbronn, the VP Marketing of Argus Cyber Security presented at the first Automotive Cyber Security summit in Detroit, Michigan. Yoni presented our analysis of the cyber security complexities that exist in the unregulated aftermarket connectivity ecosystem.

Connected cars are without doubt one the automotive industry’s biggest driver for enhanced passenger safety, better driving experience and additional revenue generation. However, car connectivity with its tremendous benefits can be a gateway for threat of car-hacking.As OEMs and Tiers race to make vehicles cyber resilient, more and more aftermarket connectivity options are presented to drivers of current and future vehicles. Unfortunately, most are provided with limited security protection for the vehicles they are placed in.

Argus can mitigate this problem by integrating its Argus IPS inside Aftermarket Telematics products. Approach us for more details at: [email protected]
The Argus Team.
Yoni Heilbronn

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