The rise in cyberattacks against vehicles has led to multiple standards, best practices, and imminent regulations, such as UNECE WP. 29 that OEMs and Tier 1s may battle to comply with. Beyond the conventional issues facing automakers, such as investing in safety systems to avoid or mitigate collisions, compliance officers must now address another fundamental concern: monitoring, preventing, and responding to cyber attacks targeting their vehicles and fleets and integrating a “cyber security compliance” mindset throughout the organization.

From a strategic standpoint, automakers are always trying to find the right balance between managing regulatory compliance and meeting consumer expectations. As automakers navigate through this complex landscape with regard to cyber security, we’ve decided to shed light on some of their concerns in last week’s Compliance Webinar Series: Part 1.

Together with Andreas Herzig, Partner & Global Lead Automotive from Deloitte and Dr. Martin Weth, Founder & Managing Partner at Capitum Consulting, our very own Business Development & Compliance Manager, Jesse Sultanik discussed:

  1. The latest in the automotive cyber security regulatory landscape including insights from processes underway in the US, China, and UNECE
  2. How the automotive industry can leverage insights on compliance from aviation, banking, and corporates
  3. How the automotive industry should adapt to assure sound compliance from design, to homologation, and in the aftermarket phase of each vehicle

Learn more and watch their discussion here:

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