Kugler Maag Cie and Argus Cyber Security Complete One of the World’s First Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity Assessments

Argus’ Automotive-Grade Cyber Security Software demonstrates its strong compliance to Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity

TEL AVIV, Israel, and KORNWESTHEIM, Germany, June 29, 2022 – Argus Cyber Security, a world leader in cybersecurity products and services for mobility platforms, and Kugler Maag Cie (KMC), a world leader in automotive quality, safety and security consulting, have conducted one of the industry’s first assessments of the new ASPICE for Cybersecurity extension.

Automotive SPICE® (or ASPICE) is a process assessment model for software development in the automotive industry. ASPICE is used by software teams to document processes and measure the maturity of their development processes.

ASPICE has become a crucial requirement for vehicle manufacturers as technology improvements transform previously purely mechanical vehicles into internet-connected, moving, physical endpoints. Today’s connected cars have more than 100 million lines of code and can process 25 GB of data per hour. Accordingly, cyber security has become just as important as functional safety and quality when it comes to ensuring a vehicle’s safety.

“In a world where cars have become as connected as smartphones, we see the cybersecurity extension for ASPICE as a central piece to both supplier and OEM compliance with regulations like UNECE R 155, China GB/T and others,” said Steffen Herrmann, Managing Consultant and Partner at KMC.

The ASPICE for Cybersecurity assessment is the latest in a series of collaborations between Argus and KMC promoting the companies’ shared vision of safe and secure mobility for the automotive industry. The week-long assessment focused on Argus’ Ethernet IDPS product line.

Argus Ethernet IDPS inspects traffic at both the network (layers 2-4) and application (layers 5-7) levels and integrates with the existing network components to identify malicious activity. Detection is performed using real-time, rule-based analysis of packets, including time analysis, deep packet inspection, and state analysis. Argus IDPS blocks malicious packets in real time.

“Argus provides advanced capabilities for embedded and cloud-based security products, and their commitment to state-of-the-art software development processes ensures a high level of safety and security for vehicles incorporating their products,” added Herrmann. “We were impressed with the commitment of the Argus engineers to achieve ASPICE and cybersecurity capabilities for their IDS product line.”

“Kugler Maag Cie was a natural choice for conducting our ASPICE for Cybersecurity assessment given their long track record of integrity and accomplishments in the areas of ASPICE, safety, quality and security for automotive systems,” said Yael Bari-Ephraim, VP of Delivery & Customer Success at Argus. “This assessment validates that Argus software products are being developed at the highest quality levels using state-of-the-art development processes.”

About Kugler Maag Cie

Kugler Maag Cie is a leading international consultancy for the development of automotive electronics. We bring people, methods, technology & projects together. As experienced consultants, we foster comprehensive software capabilities – through synchronized architectures, workflows, and organizational structures towards a fully integrated development life cycle.

In the automotive sector, we take into account all applicable standards, including

  • Automotive SPICE®,
  • Functional Safety (ISO 26262), SOTIF and
  • Cybersecurity (UNECE R.155, R.156) and ISO/SAE 21434.

We have both sides of the coin in mind and show you how to link your technical specifications with organizational concerns. This is essential if you want to create such innovation opportunities as digital data management or SW over-the-air updates. With our integrated management systems, you can govern both the fulfillment of your requirements and the management of your workflows.

Argus Cyber Security

Argus is a global leader in cyber security for connected mobility, providing products and services for embedded automotive systems and backend, fleet-level security functions. Founded in 2013, Argus is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in Michigan, Stuttgart, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul. Argus is an independent subsidiary of Elektrobit, a leading provider of automotive software products and services. Visit Argus Cyber Security at https://www.argus-sec.com.

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