Argus CAN IDS Production-Grade Integration Now Takes Only One Month with New Argus CAN IDS API and Generic CPU Architecture Support

An increasing need to reduce exposure to cyber risks and imminent changes in automotive cyber security regulations are driving a sharp demand among OEMs to integrate CAN Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in multiple ECUs. CAN IDS solutions help OEMs detect and respond to cyberattacks, while giving them the visibility they need to determine the security posture of the fleet.

However, with vehicles containing numerous ECUs (all differing in CPU architecture and constraints) integrating Intrusion Detection Systems in a cost-effective way, has proven to be challenging and can lead to increased project costs for OEMs and Tier1s.

Lessons learned from integrating CAN IDS in dozens of ECU integration projects (pre-development and production), have led to Argus CAN IDS latest software update, version 1.9. This latest version includes multiple enhancements that minimize NRE integration efforts and enable faster integration with a new API and inherent support for major automotive CPU architectures.

Version 1.9 reduces project management integration efforts and time by as much as 67% and makes it easier for Tier1s to support change requests received at a later stage in a production project. In practice this makes integrating IDS easier than ever before.

Moreover, Argus CAN IDS version 1.9 supports a broad range of requirements, enabling OEMs and Tier 1s to tailor the solution to fit their specific needs:

  • Tested and easily integrated with multiple operating systems and CPU architectures enabling easy integration with classic AutoSAR and bare-metal ECUs
  • Supports ARM, Tricore, V850, and PowerPC architectures
  • Easy to configure with an easy-to-use configuration tool that helps customers define policies and features, as well as support automatic generation from the network communication spec (e.g. DBC)
  • Support for state-of-the-art security features. Argus CAN IDS features have proven to be compliant with OEM’s CAN IDS requirements specifications and regulations as they are released (e.g. JASPAR, China) by providing OEMs with the ability to select and activate up to thirty security features in the ruleset. This enables OEMs to adapt their detection coverage in accordance with their budget and cyber security strategy.

argus can idps

Argus CAN IDS Integration Architecture Schematic

Driven by the deep knowledge gained from dozens of automotive cyber security research projects, Argus CAN IDS is based on a mature, advanced rule-based heuristic detection engine that utilizes pre-configured state aware rules and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. By monitoring CAN traffic, Argus CAN IDS detects when a message, or a series of messages, are out of context, anomalous, in need of further investigation or validation.

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