Argus Vehicle Vulnerability Management

As vehicles become more connected and software-driven, software vulnerabilities have become a growing concern to vehicle manufacturers seeking to ensure public safety and avoid brand damage due to cyber incidents. Reflecting this need, UNR 155 requires vehicle manufacturers to identify and respond to vulnerabilities throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

Designed for vehicle vulnerability management, Argus Vehicle Vulnerability Management (VVM) continually monitors your vehicle assets for vulnerabilities, identifies your highest points of risk, and provides an immediate plan for mitigation. An innovative intelligence-driven toolset makes it easy to understand your risk exposure at any point in time.

Argus VVM enables OEMs to gain immediate insights into what software packages are affected, on which ECUs, and in which vehicles, together with a precise impact analysis of each vulnerability.

Key Benefits

Full Intelligence Picture

 Understand your vehicle cyber risk exposure

Risk Prioritization

 Know what issues matter most

Fast Response

  Reduce time from detection to response

Unmatched Visibility

 Discover vulnerabilities, even without a software bill of materials (SBOM)


 Meet new regulations and standards such as UNR 155 and ISO/SAE 21434

Automotive Expertise

 Leverage technology based on 200 person-years of automotive cyber security research


Feature Highlights


Automotive-oriented Asset Management

Maintain complete inventory of vehicle assets at all levels of the automotive supply chain

Automatic Vulnerability Search

Search for public and private vulnerabilities in all vehicle assets, based on SBOM and binary image

Impact Analysis and Automatic Prioritization

Automatically whitelist and filter information to minimize false positives and prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter most

Mitigation Recommendations

Receive actionable recommendations including information on available patches and their reliability, enabling immediate and effective remediation

Knowledge Management tool

Store all cyber risk-related documents in a single location, share insights from alert investigations and mitigations, map security progress and identify gaps

Evidence and Reports For Type Approval Process

Deliver detailed reports on cyber incidents, risks and mitigation actions as required by UNR 155 type approval