In the age of connected vehicles, OEMs must be able to quickly deliver new applications, improve performance and deploy new features throughout the vehicle lifespan.

Argus Software Updates OTA is an end-to-end solution built from the ground up to address unique automotive software updates OTA challenges.

With patent-pending delta technology that minimizes vehicle downtime and an intuitive UI that can be streamlined with existing OEM processes, Argus Software Updates OTA enables OEM
s to quickly and cost-effectively monitor, deliver and manage OTA software updates in connected vehicles.
Argus FOTA

Argus Software Updates Over-the-Air Monitoring, Deployment and Management Console

Solution Components

  • Update manager
  • Patent-pending delta technology
  • Resilient, scalable and fault-tolerant backend
  • Secure end-to-end-communication and data storage
  • User interface (UI) for vehicle, campaign and software management
  • Support for multiple device reprogramming protocols

Solution Benefits

  • Resolve unique automotive update challenges across the vehicle lifespan
  • Reduce vehicle down-time, not just bandwidth, with unique patent-pending delta technology
  • Save time with an intuitive monitoring, deployment and management console designed for automotive scenarios
  • Streamline updates with flexible campaign management – rollback mechanism and bandwidth limitation workarounds
  • Prevent update problems with early identification of inconsistencies between current and expected vehicle configuration
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