Already securing millions of vehicles from cyber attacks, Argus provides both onboard and offboard protection against cyber attacks. Built on the innovation of more than 70 granted and pending automotive cyber security patents, Argus’ product portfolio offers the most comprehensive security in the industry.


Argus Vehicle Vulnerability Management

Argus Vehicle Vulnerability Management monitors vehicle fleets for vulnerabilities, identifies points of risk, and provides an immediate plan for mitigation. Vehicle manufacturers use the tool to understand what software packages are affected, on which ECUs, and in which vehicles. In addition, Argus Vehicle Vulnerability Management facilitates knowledge sharing across the organization with tools to effectively store and share cyber security related documentation and create evidence reports in order to comply with UNR 155 and ISO 2143.


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Argus Fleet Protection (VSOC)

Operating from the cloud or integrated in a vehicle security operations center (VSOC) Argus Fleet Protection works with or without Argus Onboard solutions to secure production and post-production vehicles against attack.Argus Fleet Protection provides OEMs and fleet managers dedicated tools to detect, investigate, and respond to attacks and identify suspicious patterns.


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Argus ECU Protection

Argus ECU Protection detects and mitigates attacks targeting all types of electronic control units (ECUs) from telematics, infotainment and ADAS units running on high-end operating systems (Linux, QNX, Android, Adaptive AUTOSAR) to body control modules, running on Classic AutoSar and bare-metal ECUs. Already deployed in millions of vehicles, Argus ECU Protection secures against both known and unknown attacks.


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Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection

Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection monitors and analyzes network communications to detect and prevent attacks, suspicious activity and changes in standard in-vehicle network behavior. Acting as a sensor, Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection provides detailed alerts that can be further analyzed to enable rapid detection and response. Supporting a wide array of network protocols — CAN and CAN-FD, Ethernet (with SOME/IP, DoIP etc.) and more — OEMs around the globe are deploying this suite to protect against current and future attacks.

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