Future-proofs the fleet with an additional layer of protection. Collects and analyzes data from Argus in-vehicle solutions and other sources. Operating from the cloud or integrated in a security operations center (SOC), this suite provides OEMs and fleet managers situational awareness of fleet cyber health on an intuitive dashboard. Argus Lifespan Protection also generates insights on new attacks and trends from big data analytics of OEM and fleet data and provides the tools to take preemptive action.


Argus Cyber Health Management

Provides situational awareness and visibility of the fleet’s cyber health:

  • Displays alerts of suspicious activities detected by the in-vehicle systems and enables monitoring of the OTA update process
  • Provides meaningful insights at a glance with a role-based display

Argus Security Operations Center (SOC)

Provides customer SOC with an advanced automatic detection engine to identify attack campaigns and emerging trends across the fleet in real time.

  • Uses advanced rules to automatically mitigate events
  • Identifies root cause of events for future security updates
  • Identifies and investigates patterns in data collected from deployed solutions and other sources through big data analysis

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