Reinforces select electronic control units (ECU
s), such as brakes, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), door control units (DCUs) or any other units deemed critical, from attacks originating inside and outside of the ECU. Located on the ECU, this suite detects and prevents incoming attacks and neutralizes malware from supply chain attacks and other attack vectors. Non-intrusive and with a small footprint, Argus ECU Protection supports virtually any ECU.


Argus ECU Firewall

Protects select ECUs from sending or receiving non-compliant communications by using filtering rules aligned to ECU functionality:

  • Protects the ECU from incoming attacks
  • Stops compromised ECUs from attacking the network

Argus Remote Attestation

Validates the integrity of any ECU throughout the vehicle lifecycle by detecting changes that were not authorized by the OEM:

  • Detects potentially compromised ECUs as well as chip-tuning, Trojan horses and other non-compliant modifications
  • Uses a patent-pending challenge/response mechanism eliminating the need for a secure hardware module

Argus Secure On-Board Communication

Protects the privacy and integrity of in-vehicle ECU communication and validates message source:

  • Facilitates cyber-safe communication between sensitive ECUs
  • Works with the HSM modules and a wide range of cryptography solutions
  • Autosar compliant

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