Argus ECU Protection

Deployed in 10s of millions of vehicles, Argus ECU Protection includes multiple, independent software modules that provide layers of protection, detection, response, and secure logging of a wide range of automotive attack scenarios. Built to provide host-based protection to all types of ECUs, from those running POSIX-based operating systems, such as Telematics, Infotainment, ADAS and HPC units, to Classic AUTOSAR and bare-metal ECUs such as doors and brakes.
Argus ECU Protection supports various operating systems such as Linux, Android OS, Adaptive AUTOSAR, QNX, WebOS Auto, and Classic AUTOSAR.

Key Benefits

Easy to Integrate

Can be integrated in a production environment in less than four weeks

Maximum Security with Almost Zero False Positives

Defends against a wide variety of known and unknown attacks with minimal noise

Modular & Scalable

Adapts to almost any cyber security strategy with multiple independent protection layers and a modular architecture


Aligns with latest automotive standards and regulations such as ASIL-B and UNR 155.

Argus ECU Protection Product Modules



System Limiter

Mandatory-access control that uses utilizes automotive-specific techniques to protect system data and code on the ECU.

Platform Integrity

Protects automotive environments by preventing execution and usage of unverified code and data on the ECU at boot and during runtime.

Threat Detection

Detects known and unknown cyber threats and attacks by continually monitoring the ECU and alerting of suspicious behavior.

ECU Firewall

Prevents attacks from spreading to the in-vehicle network by blocking malicious communications using Deep Packet Inspection.

Security Logger

Logs, securely stores, and protects data integrity . Sends the data in a secure manner to other entities in or outside the vehicle for future analysis.

Classic AUTOSAR and Bare-Metal ECUs


Control Flow Integrity (CFI)

Prevents exploitation of vulnerabilities in ROP (Return Oriented Programming), by ensuring that the ECU program does not deviate from its expected execution flow.

Security Logger

Secure logger aligned with the IdsM standard.

Key Features

Supports Linux, Android and QNX operating systems

Saves time with seamless Integration and easy configuration

Designed for easy reuse across ECUs

Consumes minimal system resources

Evaluation Kit

To enable a fast, effective product evaluation and provide hands-on experience with Argus ECU Protection, Argus offers an evaluation kit based on a Raspberry Pi SBC:

Functional Evaluation

Evaluate Argus ECU Protection features and capabilities across multiple use-cases (example: attempt to execute unsigned binary)

Performance Evaluation

Validate that Argus ECU Protection has negligible/zero impact on its host and monitored processes (example: execution time of a single application)