Two Argus Solution Suites Nominated for Best Auto Cybersecurity Product or Service: Argus Connectivity Protection and Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection with Argus ECU Fingerprinting

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 20th, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Argus Cyber Securityannounced today that two of their solution suites, Argus Connectivity Protection and Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection with ECU Fingerprinting, were among the five shortlisted by TU-Automotive for the 2017 Best Auto Cybersecurity Product or Service Award category. This is the third straight year that Argus products have been selected as finalists by TU-Automotive.

TU-Automotive is the undisputed home of the connected car. The 2017 TU-Automotive Awards finalists have been carefully selected by a panel of the top expert judges in each niche segment of the connected car industry. Over 400 nominations were received and analyzed for 10 categories based on innovation, industry engagement, user experience and market uptake. According to TU-Automotive, these nominees are the players who had the greatest impact over the last year and are laying the foundations for the future of the automotive industry.

“It is a great honor that Argus solutions were two of the five products shortlisted by TU Automotive for the 2017 best cybersecurity product award. This marks the third year in a row that Argus has been nominated for this world-class automotive award,” said Yoni Heilbronn, CMO, Argus Cyber Security. “Argus recognizes that there is no silver bullet when it comes to cyber security and this drives us to provide the automotive industry with the most advanced multi-layered cyber solutions available. With over 40,000 hours of automotive cyber security research under the hood of our team, we will continue to push the boundaries to increase public safety through vehicle cyber security.”

The 2017 TU-Automotive Awards will take place on June 6, 2017 at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Novi, Michigan.

Nominated Argus Solutions:

Argus Connectivity Protection defends the most advanced and vulnerable attack surfaces from cyber attacks by preventing malware installation, detecting operating system (OS) anomalies, isolating suspicious applications and stopping attacks from spreading to the in-vehicle network. Vehicle electronic control units (ECUs) whose basic functionalities rely on connectivity and whose OS’s are already in wide use by popular everyday devices (e.g., Linux, QNX, and Android OS) are prime targets of these attacks. Often reliant on security solutions not specifically designed for the automotive domain, these ECUs are vulnerable to unique automotive threats and scenarios.

The Argus Connectivity Protection solution suite addresses these challenges through a multi-layered approach including application and OS hardening and firewalling, combined with advanced heuristics to identify and block malicious messages that would bypass other security solutions. This suite also secures the two-way communication channel with the outside world. With Argus Connectivity Protection, OEMs and fleet managers can monitor their fleets in the cloud and immunize them against attacks.

Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection with Argus ECU Fingerprinting provides in-vehicle network-wide security by detecting attacks, suspicious activity and changes in standard in-vehicle network behavior. Deployed centrally, Argus In-Vehicle Network Protection examines all network communication and stops attacks from advancing in the network. Adding to the existing detection capabilities of the solution suite, for the first time, Argus ECU Fingerprinting makes it possible to identify, and trace to their source, messages that were maliciously initiated by an unauthorized or fraudulent ECU.

In testing, Argus ECU Fingerprinting proved to be highly accurate at identifying malicious messages with zero false positives. Examining the physical attributes of an ECU, the technology is able to pinpoint malicious messages and the ECUs that trigger them. This vital information, previously unavailable due to the nature of the communication protocol in the in-vehicle network, will substantially increase the difficulty for hackers to perform cyber-attacks on vehicles.


About Argus:
Argus is the world’s largest independent automotive cyber security company. Argus’s comprehensive and proven solution suites protect connected cars and commercial vehicles against cyberattacks. With decades of experience in both cyber security and the automotive industry, Argus offers innovative security methods and proven computer networking know-how with a deep understanding of automotive best practices. Customers include car manufacturers, their Tier 1 suppliers, and aftermarket connectivity providers. Founded in 2013, Argus is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with offices in Michigan, Silicon Valley, Stuttgart and Tokyo. Visit to learn more.

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