Delivers telematics technology providers, connectivity service providers, fleet managers, insurance companies and dongle manufacturers solutions that protect cars from attacks exploiting their technologies and services. Argus Aftermarket Protection provides in-vehicle network protection and dongle protection to retrofit cars and commercial vehicles on the road.


Argus Aftermarket In-Vehicle Network Security on a Dongle

Protects the in-vehicle network from cyber attacks entering through the OBD-II dongle:

  • Provides all the benefits of Argus In-Network Protection suite deployed on an aftermarket dongle or behind the OBD-II port in a professional installation

Argus Security Bridge

A passthrough dongle that protects any connected dongle and the vehicle from incoming and outgoing attacks. Detects potential attacks from dongles, diagnostics tools and other 3rd party devices:

  • Provides flexibility to connect any OBD-II device while protecting the vehicle network
  • Blocks unauthorized traffic entering the vehicle or enforces read-only mode
  • Can also be installed as a retrofit or professional installation

Argus Dongle Protection

Validates the integrity of the dongle and it’s communication by detecting unauthorized changes:


  • Secures in-vehicle network by blocking unauthorized traffic entering through OBD-II dongle or enforces read-only mode
  • Detects potentially compromised dongles and other non-compliant modifications

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